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What The T-20 Finals Taught Us? (2016)

Blogger’s Note: Hello readers! This post was originally written on 3rd April, 2016, when the T-20 finals took place between West Indies and England. I am re-posting it here. Hope you enjoy reading a new take on a cricket match! Lots of love ❤ 

A couple of minutes ago, in their final battle against England, West Indies were on the verge of losing their trophy. But, the last four balls changed it all. The last over turned the tables around for both the teams. Four sixes, and West Indies had the world at their feet! Doubtless, the match was much larger than life for England and West Indies. But, it can be the same for every person around the world who viewed it. Why? Because, this one match has taught us the most important lesson of our life. To finish strong!

West Indies almost lost against England, but the key word here is : Almost. In cricket,  either the last wicket or the last ball marks the end of a match. With life, it is very much the same. Until we breath our last, we do not die. We do not lose. We do not surrender. If you really, honestly and genuinely think that you are going to lose, like losing at that particular point is inevitable, then please do this: Fight with all your strength, mental as well as physical, and lose only when you have breathed your last. Because, trust me, if you follow this mantra, you will win.

In a black and white scenario, if black stands for the negative and white for the positive, why focus on the black? Why not concentrate on the white? Whether the black portion of the scenario will loom large or the white one is not in your hands; but what you can control is where you want to look. So, till the moment the faintest patch of white is visible, look at it. Keep looking. Do not turn your gaze to the black portion. The major difference between people who surrender and people who fight is nothing but the scenario that they perceive in front of them. People who surrender see a challenge as an obstacle. People who fight see the same challenge as an opportunity.

Yes, it takes time. Not not give up takes time. To keep fighting is even more difficult. Just like it was for the team of West Indies. But, wouldn’t it all be worth it if instead of surrendering and losing, you fight and lose? And who knows, you might even win! I mean, look at West Indies! And what if you lose? Well, at least you tried! Take a cue from England!

To sum it up, life is unpredictable. It is a Ferris Wheel. One moment, you are up in the skies, full of life and spirit; and the next, you are this close to the ground, the heights of fame and happiness at a huge distance from you. But, the wheel never stops.  And so shouldn’t we, right? Quoting a lyric from a song from the Bollywood movie Neerja:

Marna kyun, jee le na,

Boondon ko pee le na,

Tere hi sapnon ki baarish hain!

Kehta yeh pal,

Khud se nikal,

Jeete hain chal…”